Book London Hotels Direct

Book Direct.

Hotellist is a direct booking portal for London Hotels. It takes you directly to the hotel to check the best rates they have to offer for your stay. It is normal practice for the hotel to offer their best available rates direct to the customer. It’s a good idea when booking a hotel stay to compare the rates offered by online travel agents, hotel booking agents and websites, and the hotel direct before making your decision. The hotel can normally offer you the best deal.

Right Hotel, Right Location.

London is a big place. It covers an area of 600 square miles. Has a population of 8.5 million people. And over 1000 hotels. When visiting the city, it makes sense to plan your stay so that the hotel you choose is the most convenient for your destination and saves time by reducing the amount of travel you need to make. Hotellist helps you to find the nearest hotel, and offers a range of options regarding the type of hotel available – from budget to luxury, from brands to independents, large and small.


Hotellist is for professional and business bookers. A comprehensive directory of all the hotels in London. For corporate, for leisure. For business and pleasure. While the directory was made for it’s business uses, it can also be useful for anyone who wants access to direct booking at lowest prices. For companies, for people. For anyone who wants to stay in the City.  Attending a meeting or conference. Visiting a tourist attraction or theatre. Business travel and staying in London for your company or work. For holidays and taking short breaks or long weekends.  Find a hotel that meets your needs. In the right location, within budget at the right price.

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